Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Joining in the Pantry Challenge!

I have decided to join Jessica as she does a pantry challenge for the month of January.  Money is tight around here this month every year, since my seasonal job ends, and doesn't restart until April, so I think that using up what we have in our freezers and pantry will stretch that money much farther.  My goals are simple for this month...
  1. Clean out our freezers/pantry, by using up what we have and not buying more.
  2. Only purchasing essentials from the store to make what we have into meals. (ie. milk, eggs)
  3. Only eat out 4-5 times this month, basically once a week.
And that's it.  Just keeping it simple, and setting myself up for success, I hope :-)

Who's with me; anyone up for a pantry challenge?

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