Friday, January 25, 2013

Frugal Finds Friday: Reusing = Cotton Balls

I am always looking for a way to take things that normally make their way into the garbage and use them for something new.  This item only needs a few scissors snips to be transformed from garbage into cotton balls. 
 You know those strips of cotton that are stuffed into the tops of medicine bottles for no real reason, well I save them.  I cut them into cotton ball-sized pieces, and my husband uses them to apply his toner.  
They work great, they're free, and I've saved something from going to the dump!

What about you, what are your frugal finds from this week?

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  1. Good Tip. I'm going to start saving these!

  2. I do that, too! Of course you don't want to use them for anything where they need to be sterile, but they are fine for applying toner.

    I don't think I've ever publicized this tip, though, so I'm going to link to your article in my big list of ways to reuse things. Check it out--maybe you'll find some new ideas!