Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekly Spending Report: 11/11-17/2012!

This week involved a LOT of spending, but I am finding that when you don't go every week, and scout the deals, that tends to happen when you finally go shopping.  So, without further ado, the shopping totals...
  • Thursday's Shopper's Trip (1 bag lettuce shreds): $1.50 oop
  • Friday's ALDI Trip: $34.22 oop
  • Friday's Giant Trip: $74.68 - $27.60 Savings and Coupons = $47.59 oop
  • Friday's Wal-mart Trip (TP and other essentials): $27.27 oop
  • Friday's Kohl's Trip (2 x-mas gifts for my sister): $5.40 oop (used a $10 off coupon, and saved $25.50)
  • Friday's Thrift Store Trip (1 x-mas gift necklace for me, and 2 gift pouches): $5.30 oop
Total OOP: $121.28, Not great, but not bad either since I am making the Thanksgiving dinner this year, and this is the first real shopping I've done all month.  After next week, I reel it in the last week.

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