Saturday, August 18, 2012

Freezer Cooking Day!

Before things got hectic around here, Joe and I harvested our onions for the season, we ended up with a huge basket full.  So I spent an afternoon before vacation processing them for the freezer.  

I ended up with 14 - 1 cup portions of diced onions 
(thanks to my mom's food processor, which will now live in my kitchen)

While I was using the food processor any way, I whipped up a batch of homemade knock-off Chili's salsa (recipe coming soon).  You have to drain the tomatoes for the salsa, so I froze the 1 cup of tomato juice as well, I figure I can use it in chili, or something like that.

But, there were still a few more onions to process, so I took the last 11 and sliced them for the freezer, and had 6 meals worth, for things like fajitas, or to saute with mushrooms for steak or sandwiches.

Lastly, I wanted to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies to bring along to the beach and snack on, so while the mixer was already dirty, I whipped up 2 more batches of dough for the freezer - yum-o!!!

I only spent an afternoon's worth of time, and got some much accomplished, I love days like that!

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