Tuesday, August 14, 2012

8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered House Update #4

 Well, I am way behind on giving updates, even though I have been plugging along with decluttering the house.  This has been a crazy few weeks with my mom dying, going to a steam show flea market for a week, and now Joe and I are at the Ocean for the week.  However, I really want to see this decluttering challenge through, so I am trying really hard to keep up with it, and things are flying around here.

Day #11: Children's Books Day 2 or Purse
Items Decluttered: 1

Day #12: Adult Books
Items Decluttered: 25
Here's the finished product!  (fyi this bookcase was FREE off the curb!)

Day #13: Adut Books Day 2 or Fridge Organization
Items Decluttered: 5
Day #14: First Aid and Medicine
Items Decluttered: 25

Day #15: Kids Artwork
Another day that doesn't apply to us, so no decluttering today! 

Total Items Decluttered for Days #11-15: 56
(263 Items Ahead)

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