Saturday, April 21, 2012

Assignment #14: Clean Utensil and Kitchen Junk Drawers!

I had just recently accomplished the task of cleaning out my junk and utensil drawers, so I didn't take any before pictures, but I will share my finished products with you...
This is the clean junk drawer.  I threw away a lot of misc things from the drawer, and just kept essentials, batteries and charger, fasteners and tape, a couple tools I use, and my take out menu organizer (which is going to be re-done soon!).  
 This is the everyday silverware drawer, it also holds my chef and paring knives, and apple corer.
 This is my misc kitchen utensil drawer (gotta love those utensil holders from the dollar store!)  I did clean quite a few utensils out for the flea market pile, and only kept what we use on a regular basis.
 This drawer holds my cutting boards, measuring cups and spoons (which I finally got a basket for).
Lastly, this is my baking utensil drawer.  Since I do a lot of baking for other people, it's necessary to keep my utensils organized, so things are easy and quickly located.
These are the things I ended up getting rid of: 1 Planter's jar I once used for coffee, 4 candy molds that I don't use anymore (I kept a few for different holidays though), 3 spatulas, and 1 cookie scooper (because it's the kind I don't use).

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