Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday: Cupboard Spring Cleaning

Well, it's that time again, Spring is here, and Spring cleaning has begun all over the Rogers' house!  Here are the before and after pictures of our kitchen food cupboards.  It looks like there is a lot missing in the after photos, but that's what happens when you get organized and can use the full depth of your cupboards...

 Fruits, Sauces, Baking Items and Soups
 Dressings, Canned Goods, Mac and Cheese, Flavored Rices, etc
 This is the Pantry that I use the most, Salad Toppings, Popcorn, PB, Drink Mixes, Seasoning Mixes, etc, etc, etc...
 Pasta and Rices
 Canned Goods and Misc Baking Items (Baking Soda, Salt, Lemon Juice, and the like)
 Canned Tomatoes, Soups, Salad Fixing Extras, Croutons, Pre-Seasoned Pastas and Rices, Mac and Cheese and Misc. Sauces
 Baking Staples (Flour, Oatmeal, Sugar and Sweeteners, Cornmeal), Pasta Sauces and Shaker Cheese, Canned Fruit Items
 The Main Pantry, Drink Mixes are now in the tins at the top left, Popcorn items, all of my starches are in glass jars (Bisquick, Jasmine Rice, White Rice, Barley, Pasta, etc), Misc Canned Goods, Dessert Topping and Syrups, Salad Toppings that are being used, Canned Meats, PB, Misc Seasoning and Marinade Pkts
Pasta, Rices and Taco Shells, as well as Shake and Bake and Onion Soup Mix

Well I think you will definitely agree that the after is SO much better and SO much easier to use and keep organized!
So, what did you tackle this Tuesday?

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