Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh, Dollar Tree, How I love thee...

...Let me count the ways!  Here's the AWESOME items I was able to pick up at the Dollar Tree on Sunday...
1 Newspaper
2 -4 pks Dry Floor Pads (these fit the Swiffer Wet Jet PERFECTLY!)
2 pkgs Muscle and Back Soak (Scented Epsom Salt)
1 bottle Pear Hand Soap
1 bottle Tussin DM (similar to Robitussin DM)
1 box Hamburger Helper Patty Melt (never seen this flavor before)
1 pkg Super Pretzel Pretzel Bites (these are my new secret addiction that you all know about now ;-)
+ $0.24 Tax
 Total OOP: $9.24!

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