Sunday, January 16, 2011

What are we Eating during the Pantry Challange?

Some people might be thinking that it is crazy to eat only what you have in your pantry, but not really.  We've been eating very well, despite the fact I made no menu plan this week - UGH!  Joe and I have been creative in cleaning the fridge out.  One night I made this delicious pasta salad using leftover mini bow-tie pasta from the fridge.  I scoured the cupboards and found a jar of marinated artichoke hearts, canned mushrooms, home-canned diced tomatoes, and some Italian dressing mix.  I also grabbed some diced bell pepper from the fridge and some sliced pepperoni.  Toss it all together (using the marinade from the artichokes as the dressing), and you have a wonderful, easy side dish that even Joe loved :-)
I had also baked a buffalo marinaded and a fajita marinaded chicken breasts at the beginning of the week.  Two chicken breasts made Joe and I each a large salad, 4 quesdillas (spelling?), and 8 pizza pockets (not all at one time of course)!  And we were not starving or anything, we had plenty to eat.  This week a menu plan is definitely in order, however, I'm not to worried if I stray from it as long as we eat from the freezer and pantry, that's what's really important.  How is everyone else doing in their freezer/pantry challenge?

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